The Life, Music & Hairstyles of Gary Crowley

Here’s a short film we made about Gary Crowley, with Modfather Clothing and Demon Records .

Also available to watch on Vimeo.

Shot and Edited by Lee Cogswell
Produced by Mark Baxter
Executive Producers
Daniel Warner
Mario Warner
Ben Stanley
Clive Banks


From Gary Crowley:

Morning everyone…
I’m a big fan of the documentaries that Mono Media Films have made (Sir Peter Blake, John Simons, Tubby Hayes, Paul Weller) and to have Lee Cogswell and Mark Baxter tell my story on film means a lot.
To coincide with the release of my #gclost80s compilation on Friday it is now ready to view.
And many thanks to those cool folk at Demon Records and Modfather Clothing for also making it happen.
We’ve called the mini doc “The Life, Music & Hairstyles of Gary Crowley”…and I think once you’ve seen it you’ll know why!