The Black Barn Sessions

the-black-barn-sessionsBack in July, we spent a couple of days at Black Barn Studios, to film this new project. Hopefully, the first of many episodes.

Paul Weller Presents The Black Barn Sessions.

Paul Weller
Miles Kane
Samm Henshaw
Connie Constance
The Mysterines

“I’ve wanted to have a go at my own TV content for a while now. This is me choosing some of my favourite talent that’s out there at the moment and us just plugging in and playing live in my studio “Black Barn”. We had a great time making this and I hope everyone enjoys what we’ve done” – Paul Weller

This December, Paul unveils an exciting new project! Inviting some of his favourite talents to his studio ‘Black Barn’! The first of the special four-part series of musical sessions will be released on Friday.

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