A New Decade

Mono Media Films began, when myself and Mark met, back in 2013. And so, as this decade draws to a close, I’ve looked back at the work we’ve achieved so far. I could never have imagined where this would lead to.

Our independently made documentary films were really well received and have been screened all over the world. These were made with a lot of passion and hard work, both on niche subjects, they somehow seemed to find audiences far bigger than we expected.

Our first big project as MMF, Tubby Hayes: A Man in a Hurry was narrated by Martin Freeman and featured Sir Peter Blake, Michael Horowitz, Jeffrey Kruger, Ray Gelato.

John Simons: A Modernist featured, amongst others, Paul Weller, Kevin Rowland, Suggs, John Hegarty and Robert Elms.

We teamed up with Channel X to create Peter Blake: Pop Art Life, commissioned by Sky Arts. We looked at the work Sir Peter Blake created over his career within the world of music. This was a real big one for us. This doc featured Sir Peter Blake, Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher, Suggs, Chris Jagger and Bob Geldof.


We had the pleasure of being on set and documenting the making of the film JAWBONE, interviewing director Thomas Napper, writer and lead actor Johnny Harris, actors Ray Winstone, Michael Smiley and Ian McShane, trainer Barry McGuigan and sound track composer Paul Weller. We have also made ‘behind the scenes’ docs for Sulphur & White and the short film Beverley.

We created lots of work with musicians and bands.

With Stone Foundation, we made many music videos (featuring Calum MacNab, Steve Furst and Andy Nyman), we made EPKs for several of their recent albums, filmed and edited the live show ‘Live Rituals’, I traveled with the band, documenting their first trip to Japan and also made the short documentary Keep On Keepin’ On about the band’s collaboration with soul legend Nolan Porter.

For Paul Weller, we created EPKs about his albums ‘A Kind Revolution’ and ‘True Meanings’. Spending time in the studio while Paul records is fascinating and always an education. We made music videos for his song White Horses, probably the piece of work I am most proud of, and for Movin On, with artist Ed Gray. We made the short film First Day that was shown in cinemas alongside Paul’s 2018 Royal Festival Hall gig and we also filmed and edited The Black Barn Sessions featuring Miles Kane and Samm Henshaw.

We made a short doc called If Destroyed Still True with Pete Williams about his album H.O.L.L.A.N.D. and a short film with Kris Halpin, The Gloves Are On, about his 2016 adventures with the Mi.mu gloves. We made performance promos with Steve Pilgrim featuring Double Bass man Danny Thompson and a music video for Mark Butcher.

We made a short documentary piece about LeRoy Hutson, The Man!, for Acid Jazz Records and PIAS that was released by Apple. For this we interviewed Craig Charles, Norman Jay MBE, Femi Fem, Andrew Levy and Simon Bartholomew.

As a Beatles fan, it was incredible to get to spend a day at Abbey Road in Studio 2, documenting album recording with the band The Moons.

DJ Gary Crowley was the subject of a 10 minute profile piece, The Life, Music & Hairstyles of Gary Crowley, Commissioned by Demon Records and Modfather Clothing. Always a pleasure to work with GC.

It’s hard to believe how many great projects we’ve had the privilege of being involved with so far.

We’re a small team but we’re passionate about what we do. We’re currently in the edit, on a feature length TV documentary due for release in 2020. More on that in due course.

Thank you, to everybody we’ve had the pleasure to work alongside and to those that have supported us and followed the work we’ve done.

Happy New Year. Happy New Decade. Much love, all.