The following film is the first drama piece from the studios of Mono Media Films. For its inspiration, we’ve gone back to our first documentary, namely ‘A Man in a Hurry.’

With a script by celebrated tenor saxophonist and writer Simon Spillett, ‘THE LITTLE GIANT‘ details a few days in the life of perhaps the UK’s finest jazzer, Tubby Hayes. We find him in 1967, now struggling after a few years of unrivalled success running from the late 1950s to the early/mid 1960s.

Tubby’s life was simply beginning to unravel. Modern jazz as he played it, was in the doldrums. Pop music swept away all before it. Added to this, Tubby’s personal life was in a destructive spiral too. Drink, drugs and a succession of women were all in the mix, whilst he frantically tried to get back to what he once had.

Our film documents a week in the life of Tubby and sheds light on his troubles. Produced by Mark Baxter and edited and directed by Lee Cogswell, Mono Media Films are proud to present ‘THE LITTLE GIANT

Language some might find offensive and mild sexual content.

Tubby – Paul Tadman
Ronnie – Charlie Carter
Doris – Cassandra French
Bob – Alexis Saunders

Based on a script by Simon Spillett
Addition Script by Mark Baxter
Hair & make up by Claudine Rose
Director of Photography – Daniel Thompson
Sound & Edit by Lee Cogswell
Music by Kris Halpin
Producer by Mark Baxter
Director by Lee Cogswell

All characters, places and incidents in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

© MMXX Mono Media Films. All Rights Reserved.