About Us

Lee Cogswell and Mark Baxter met on the set of the music video ‘To Find The Spirit’ by the band Stone Foundation.

Mark was chaperoning the actor Calum MacNab, as well as PRing for a couple of the clothing brands that featured in the video and Lee was essentially the one man crew on the shoot.

Lee had already made numerous music videos and the short film on the soul singer Nolan Porter called ‘Keep On Keeping On’. Mark had had eight books published and was now looking for a new challenge, namely to make a film.

So impressed with the final product that was made on that day, Baxter immediately called Lee and told him of his plans to make a documentary on the the UK’s finest jazz musician, Londoner Tubby Hayes.

Lee liked that idea and Mono Media Films was born, with Mark as writer/producer and Lee the camera/sound man, as well as editor and creative director. After two and half years work, which included raising the finance, their film ‘Tubby Hayes – A Man in a Hurry’ was released on DVD to overwhelming critical acclaim in October 2015.

The film has gone on to be screened all over the UK and indeed in parts of Europe and has sold in very decent numbers.

Due to the positive reaction to the Tubby Hayes film from the film industry, they are currently involved in three other films, due for release in 2017.